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Lucid Vibe is a podcasting media studio currently based in Portland, OR.  Raising the vibration of human consciousness through conversation, exploring the passions of our community. Lucid Vibe’s mission statement is that each of us are a piece of the mysterious puzzle. Each of us has inherent brilliance and gifts to give and receive. Inviting Members of our community to the table to discuss how we move forward locally and non-locally, what brings us inspiration and fuels our collective creative engine. We want to hear from each and everyone, comparing notes on life, health, joy, spirituality and share more of what makes living interesting and amazing.

Bio: Started in 2017 as an online radio station – Lucid Vibe has been a platform for dozens of people hosting a variety of shows and sharing conversations with people close to our communities. Zachary Wolk was inspired to start a stream of poetry only audio back in 2013 but by the time that he found a way for it to work he had made alliances with dozens of workshop facilitators in Southern California and the Pacific Northwest. Lucid Vibe Radio was a 24/7 Medicinal media stream of audio only – until the Pandemic came around and we saw that there was a great community fostered by Brian Bauer of Shady Pines Media, so the radio station concept morphed into what is now SPR ( During this time Zachary started interviewing more people and when he discovered the Haven in Portland – was inspired to start an in-house podcast studio/streaming online TV network launching in April 2022.

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