Sep 2020

Mystic Machine

Inspired by nature’s wisdom, design’s intentionality, and the intrinsic power of beauty, Dustin uses design software, a laser cutter, and different finishes to make unique laser cut art pieces, both aesthetic and useful in nature. He perfects each piece as best as possible, at each step along the way into its materialization - working individually and with artists, designers, and creatives to cultivate and actualize ideas. Collaboration is essential for inspiration, innovation, and building relationships.


Sep 2020



"I believe we are capable of much more than we think and artistic expression guides us towards our fullest potential - where our divine genius is channeled into material form as our heart’s true desires become tangible expressions. In engaging with art we take ownership in our personal and collective evolution - towards a reality where work and play are one, where we step into our personal power and self worth, where we form webs of compassionate connection over walls of separation." -Mystic Machine

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